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The Medical Director of St. Joseph's Nursing Home is Dr. Sharon Lee with OSF.  She makes rounds 2 times a month.  She has a considerable amount of experience in working with the elderly and always welcomes new patients.

Our other physicians include Dr. Timothy Lawless of Proctor Health Care Systems, Dr. Thaw Tun who is affiliated with St. Margaret's Hospital in Spring Valley, and Dr. Rodgers of Methodist Hospital. 

Each of these physicians make rounds in our facility every 30-60 days and on an as needed basis.  If you choose to have one of our ancillary physicians care for your family member, please be advised that in the event of an emergency, the hospital of choice will be that which he or she is affiliated with.

A state licensed Podiatrist, Dentist, Ophthalmologist and Hearing Specialist also make routine rounds to ensure that your loved ones overall medical needs are addressed.

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